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Purchasing your Dubai property in Cryptocurrency

Purchasing your next property in Dubai either for an investment or as your own home can now be quickly and easily achieved, paying with Cryptocurrency.

PV Group are able to facilitate the purchase of your property in Dubai, be it for residential or investment using cryptocurrency.

We can provide you with our wallet address and the funds can be directly transferred there for us to then assist in completing the transaction as easy as if it were mortgaged or conducted via a simple cash purchase.

As you’re no doubt aware using cryptocurrency in the transaction allows it to be instantaneous and free of international fees, exposure to exchange volatility and no middlemen. The only fee you will face is the 2% facilitation fee to ensure smooth completion of the transaction.

For further information please contact our crypto expert on the details below.

PV facilitates the purchase property through cryptocurrency. ​

What does PV Crypto do?​

How do we do this?

It’s as simple as sending the funds to our secure multi signature wallet.

From there it is sent to the developer or private landlord within 24 hours.

Even if the landlord does not accept crypto currency we are still able to process the  transaction on your behalf. (PV group will convert your funds into fiat currency) AED

Our Goal

Why we use Crypto Currency

Our Goal is first and foremost to enable the secure the seamless purchase of Real Estate in any of our transactions. Whether it be in fiat or crypto.

However crypto presents us with the unique opportunity to easily integrate both high security and speed into a money transaction. You are able to pay someone on the other side of the world almost instantaneously. This is something that isn’t possible with current traditional financial infrastructure. 

Another reason we use crypto currency, is that it can we accepted from anyone, anywhere in the world regardless of the amount you choose to send. 

The process

The process of buying property and how it works

Purchasing real-estate using crypto is incredibly straight forward and easy to understand.

Our team of experts will be on hand to assist through the whole process.

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