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At PV Group International, we work hard to provide you with the highest standard of service in the housing market, but we also like to make the most of our leisure time. Polo is an activity that provides you with sporting, social, health and fitness benefits, so as an extension to our Equestrian Specialism and expertise, we are proud to support the promotion of the polo community.

Why we love Polo

When it comes to finding an activity you love, there are always crucial reasons why a particular activity grips you and makes you determined to spend as much time as possible enjoying it. With polo, there are many ways into the activity, and who doesn’t love the majesty of a horse in full flight. Channelling this motion into a sporting activity is hugely appealing, and we are pleased to say polo is a sport for all ages.

More young people are becoming involved with polo, and this is something PV Group International is keen to play a role in support.

We believe Polo offers the following benefits:

  • It is a fantastic sport to keep you fit
  • It is an activity that becomes a hobby and lifelong passion for many, not just a sport
  • With team elements, polo is great for character building and developing friendships
  • Polo is more affordable than it has ever been, allowing so many more people to enjoy the activity
  • Polo is a hugely inspirational sport
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